Book of taiyou yu-gi-oh legacy

Hey, when I used to play Yu Gi Oh years ago there was this really cool Parasite? deck, and it was based around a deck seen on the show in the original series, where basically there was like a poison monster that you special summoned that your opponent then drew and it made all their poison monsters not attack or something, and you then used World Legacy Pawns.

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It's similar but this book of taiyou can flip our card too, Book of taiyou yu-gi-oh legacy the flip effect in the same turn it is set. It can be benefit to any flip effect monster that need to be faceup on the field to use its effect, eg: charmer monster. Book of Taiyou once was part of an annoying deck: Needle Worm Deckout. Flipping one facedown monster faceup isn't much now in the game, but in the deck I Click this link or the image below to join the ryugioh Discord server for realtime discussion of YuGiOh!

and other topics: Click here to view the wiki page for the ryugioh discord server. An individual card from the YuGiOh trading and collectible card game World Legacy" World Chalice" COTDEN023 Rare Unlimited Edition Code of the Duelist (Unlimited Edition) by YuGiOh! Find great deals on eBay for book of taiyou. Shop with confidence. There is a Legacy, or Relic, of the" Celestial Deity" of the world, that lies in the center of the vast wetlands that are the territory of the" Krawlers".

It is known as" World Legacy This page notes details of Book of Taiyou (Spell CardNormal): decks, tips, effect and rulings. Learn and enjoy playing YuGiOh! Duel Links!