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The New York Public Library assesses a fine to the record of any borrower who fails to return library materials on or before their due date. Accumulated fines will result in the suspension of borrowing privileges. All borrowers, including Calvin faculty and staff, are included in this lost book policy. The borrower of record is responsible for the safe and timely return of library material. Notification of overdue or lost material is a service provided by the library.

Feb 18, 2008 Even if you library doesn't have a policy specific to lost books, look into if you can protest the the lost book through a fine appeal or an official complaint. A major point is don't get mad.

Ask, find out what the policies are. If a library book is lost or damaged while checked out to your child, the book must be replaced. The book can be paid for by check (made out to Bryker Woods Elementary) or cash (correct change is appreciated) for the original retail price.

I am sorry to inform you that on my way to college yesterday I have lost the book titled Child Psychology by Dr. S. C. Saxena. I had got this book issued last week. I am willing either to replace the book or pay its cost with fine. Use the following letters to send notice of Lost book letter library or overdue books to parents. The overdue letter is intended to meet the need to inform parents after several notices have been sent to the student at school.

Loss of a library book apology letter format? Letter to librarian informing the loss of a library book. Post to Facebook. Post to Twitter. Subscribe me. Related Discussions: Sample letter for lost library book. How to write a letter to the library of a college for losting library card and issue a new one?

If you find the book before paying the lost book charges, bring the item to the Check Out Desk. You will be charged only the 10 overdue fine. The library will waive the 80 lost replacement fee and the 30 processing fee.

District Policy for Overdue, Lost or Damaged Library Books Grand Prairie ISD does not charge fines for overdue library books; however, if a book has been lost or damaged the student and parentguardian are responsible to pay for the book. The name of book is Jungle Story. I am willing to either to replace the book or to pay its cost with fine. I will be grateful to you let me know your decision in this regard so I can comply with it at the earliest.

Taylorsville School Library provides a wide variety of books for students to borrow for reading practice, information, and enjoyment. If a book is lost, payment toward a replacement will be requested from the parents. Library Parent letter Author: Lost book invoices are automatically sent to users after a book is 21 days overdue.

The replacement charge is refundable, minus the late fee, if the book is returned in good condition after the due date, within a one year period. The title of the book is listed below, as well as the replacement cost for the book.

Please send a check or the exact change for the replacement cost of the book in order for your child to have a clear record in the library. Thank you very much. June 2011 Dear Parent, Your child has lost or damaged a library book which needs to be replaced. Attached are printouts from our library catalog system one showing information about the book itself (title, edition, publisher, ISBN, etc.

) and the other showing the cost of the lost copy. This letter would not work for a school library or any library that charges late fees.

I use this letter to request that the parent help the child locate the book or replace it with another middle school level book. If the book has been lost for less than four weeks, we ask you to keep looking for it.

Your child will receive a verbal friendly reminder in library class to remind himher to keep looking for the missing item.