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As Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Reduction, your goals are to ensure that our borders remain secure and to lead crossgovernment efforts to reduce organized crime. You will work to ensure Canadas borders are managed to promote legitimate travel and trade while keeping Canadians safe and treating everyone fairly, in accordance with our laws.

those Asian organized crime syndicates that direct their criminal activities at the United States via Canada, namely crime groups trafficking heroin from Southeast Asia, groups engaging in the trafficking of women, and groups committing financial crimes against U.

S. interests. The terrorist organizations examined were those that are viewed as potentially planning attacks on U. S. interests. Organized Crime Research Briefs are short summaries of Organized Crime Research Reports or hot topics in the study of organized crime. Full versions of these publicly available Organized Crime Research Reports are available through interlibrary loan in hardcopy or in the Depository Services Program's ECollection.

Canadian organized crime has historically left marijuana trafficking to the lower echelons of crime, concentrating instead on more highprofit products. I dont mean to say organized crime in Canada does not make money off marijuana. Biker gangs have, at various points, played a Organized crime in canada booksellers role in Halifax's crime scene, particularly during the 1980s and 1990s. However, a crackdown on biker gang activity throughout Eastern Canada, in the wake of the Quebec Biker War.

National Agenda to Combat Organized Crime In 2000, FPT Ministers responsible for Justice endorsed the National Agenda to Combat Organized Crime. The National Agenda recognizes that the fight against organized crime is a national priority that requires all levels of government, the law enforcement community and other partners to work together.

Different Types of Organized Crime in Canada Organized crime in Canada has many faces. The people who engage in organized crime are as varied as the types of organized crimes they engage in.

There are essentially four categories of organized crime in Canada. Middle Eastern Transnational Organized Crime Groups Since the 911 terrorist attacks, the FBI has taken a new look at the various criminal threats originating in the Middle East and from Middle Eastern communities in the United States.

End of text box. Canadas data on organized crime. While there are various estimates of organized crime in Canada, there is no single, comprehensive source that tracks the number of criminal incidents occurring each year in Canada that are committed for the benefit of organized crime. Jan 01, 2018 Canadian Organized Crime covers topics in racketeering, drug trafficking, violence and intimidation, money laundering, and intelligence.

This widely informative text will appeal to students in criminology, sociology, political science, and law and justice programs as well as to criminal justice professionals and readers interested in organized crime literature.

Police reports suggest increasing involvement of violent organized crime groups in the cannabis trade (RCMP 2009, Rainbow 2010). Although they do not provide evidence, the Organized Crime Agency of BC estimated that 85 of the cannabis market in BC is controlled by organized crime groups (BC OCA, 2011, from Werb et al, 2012). PunjabiCanadian crime bosses use their family connections in Punjab to bring in the drug. PunjabiCanadian crime groups widened the reach of their activities and delved criminal areas such as extortion, kidnapping, money laundering and above all contract killing.